The Environmental Physics Laboratory group, belongs to Science Faculty of Ourense of the Vigo University, as well as the Center for Research, Transfer and Innovation of Ourense (CITI). The group is consisting of a variable number of between 30-35 people, among professors, scientists and doctorate students.



The work field covers the following research lines...

EPhysLab is considered like Reference Research Group by the Vigo University and like Competitive Research Unit by the Xunta de Galicia since 2005.


Manuel Martínez Risco Building
Science Faculty of Ourense
Vigo University
As Lagoas s/n
C.P. 32004
Ourense, Spain

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Telephone contact numbers:

+34 988 387208
+34 988 387232
+34 988 387270


Fax: +34 988 387227


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