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EPhysLab is located in Ourense (provincial capital, 107.057 inhabitants), southeast of Galicia (northwest of Spain). The nearest big cities are:

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Ourense city
Tourism in Ourense

Documentary about the city


Galicia Tourism Guide


As Burgas Residential Complex: Campus residential complex.

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Agenda & Events

MundOurense : Events in Ourense city and province.

Absolut Ourense : Blog with Agenda and guides about Ourense city and province.

GaliciaNet : Events and Agenda for Galicia.



Ourense City Buses
RENFE: Spanish National Railways Network.
Arriva: Long distance courier.

A Coruña Airport - 174 Km
Porto Airport - 214 Km
Santiago Airport - 104 Km
Vigo Airport - 94.3 Km

Note: Taxi from A Coruña, Santiago or Vigo to Ourense: ~90€. There is a shuttle from Porto to Ourense (price usually included in the flight ticket).

University of Vigo

University of Vigo Journal

Vice-rectorate of the Campus of Ourense

University of Vigo main web

Líneas de Investigación para trabajos Fin de Grado en Ciencias Ambientales