2013 Edition



9:15-9:30. Welcome.

SESSION I: Presentation of SPH codes. Chairman: Antonio Souto Iglesias

15’ presentation + 5’ questions.

9:30-9:50. DualSPHysics. Moncho Gómez Gesteira (UVIGO).

9:50-10:10. SPH in ETSIN-UPM. Antonio Souto Iglesias (UPM).

10:10-10:30. MDST. Jose María Grassa / SPHERIMENTAL. David López (CEDEX).

10:30-10:50. Discussion

10:50-11:30. Coffee break

SESSION II: Accelerating SPH. Chairman: Alex Crespo

15’ presentation + 5’ questions

11:30-11:50. GPU and MultiGPU in DualSPHysics. José Domínguez (UVIGO).

11:50-12:10. AquaGPU. Pepe Cercós (UPM).

12:10-12:30. GPU MDST/SPHERIMENTAL. David López (CEDEX) + Vicente Cuellar (UPM).

12:30-12:50. Discussion.

13:00-15:30. Lunch

SESSION III: SPH and other things. Chairman: David López

15’ presentation + 5’ questions

15:30-15:50. Coupling SPH-SWASH. Corrado Altomare (U-Gent).

15:50-16:10. Coupling SPH-DEM. Ricardo Canelas (CEHIDRO).

16:10-16:30. SPH vs MPS. Antonio Souto (UPM).

16:30-16:50. Python script for parametric cases. Pepe Cercós & A. Souto (UPM).

16:50-17:10. Discussion.

17:10-17:30. Coffee break

18:00-20:00. More discussion in http://www.termaschavasqueira.com/

20:00. Visit to the old town & dinner.


SESSION IV: Applications. Chairman: Corrado Altomare

15’ presentation + 5’ questions

9:30-9:50. Applications of SPH method in hydraulic structures. David López (CEDEX).

9:50-10:10. Integration of UAV photogrammetry and SPH modelling of fluids. Anxo Barreiro (UVIGO).

10:10-10:30. Experimental and numerical forces onto structures. Andrea Marzeddu (UPC).

10:30-10:50. Proposed features of a SPH based numerical wave basin. Iñaki Zabala (SENER)

11:00- 11:30. Coffee break


11:30- 12:50. Convenor. Jose María Grassa (CEDEX) & Iñaki Zabala (SENER)

What do we expect from SPH in the future? Projects, working with companies, new challenges.…

13:00-15:00. Lunch

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