@Universidade de Vigo: Fac.Ciencias, Campus As Lagoas, 32004, Ourense (SPAIN)

My name is Juan Antonio Añel Cabanelas. I am a Distinguished Senior Scientist in the EPhysLab in the Universidade de Vigo, in Ourense where I co-lead the NATURGY Chair. Other responsibilities include:

Previously I have been Research Fellow in Climate and Risks Assessment for Adaptation Policy and Senior Visiting Research Associate in the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, where I was the Scientific Coordinator of ClimatePrediction.net.

Research: climate change impacts, upper troposphere-lower stratosphere, renewable energy, extreme weather, atmospheric dynamics, recovery of old meteorological data, computational sciences, sustainability.

Current projects:
+ DOPPLER: Discovery of ozone data for preindustrial periods and recovery. Funded by: Government of Galicia.

Among others previous founding bodies include the Government of Spain, Google Enterprise, Microsoft Research, University of Oxford.


  • Víctor Manuel Chávez Pérez - PhD in Physics - Stratospheric Sudden Warmings
  • Manuel Fernández González - PhD in Physics - Climate change impacts on hydropower
  • Diego Antonio Pérez Montes - PhD in Computational Sciences - Cloud computing for geosciences
  • Ignacio Ramírez González - PhD in Physics - Measurement and modelization of tropospheric ozone
  • Michael García Rodríguez - PhD in Computational Sciences - Metasearch in digitalized documentation
  • Susana Bayo Besteiro - Doctorado en Física - Wind power production forecast for the Iberian Peninsula


I like computers, bonsais, football, chess, chocolate and practice Taekwondo.