• Physics II
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Air quality
  • Historical hydroclimatic reconstruction
  • Renewable Energy

+ Physics of climate (BSc in Environmental Sciences, Univ. de Vigo).
+ Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling (MSc in Ocean Sciences, Univ. de Vigo).
+ Tutorials on Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity - Herftford College - University of Oxford, Oxford.
+ Meteorology (BSc program in Environmental Sciences, Univ. de Vigo)
+ Atmospheric waves fluxes in climate research (MSc in Climate Science, Univ. de Vigo).
+ Computational Resources in Climate Research (MSc in Climate Sciences).
+ Physics of variability and climate change (MSc in Applied Physics).
+ Atmospheric and Environmental Physics (MSc in Applied Physics).
+ Fundamentals of atmospheric and climatic models (MSc in Applied Physics).
+ Introduction to Free Software (MSc in Free Software).
+ Physics II (BSc programs in Environmental Sciences and Food Technology).
+ Atmospheric Physics Lab (BSc program in Physics).
+ Energy and Environment (BSc program in Physics).
+ Remote Sensing Lab (BSc program in Physics).
+ Meteorological analysis and forecasting (BSc program in Physics).