8 May, 2019

Dra. Laura de la Torre Ramos

Department of Applied Physics
Earth Sciences
“Campus da Auga” Building
Rúa Canella da Costa da Vela 12
Universidade de Vigo
32004 Ourense, Spain
Office: 2.6
e-mail: ltr@uvigo.es
Phone: +34 988 387 245

Working Fields

  • Climate diagnosis
  • Climate change
  • Troposphere-stratosphere coupling
  • Influence of climate variability modes on atmospheric composition
  • Synoptic meteorology


V.M. Chavez-Perez, J.A. Añel, R. R. Garcia, P. Sacha, L. de la Torre (2022) Impact of Increased Vertical Resolution in WACCM on the Climatology of Major Sudden Stratospheric Warmings, Atmosphere, Vol. 13 Issue: 4 ; DOI: 10.3390/atmos13040546 (Published) [pdf]