Global moisture sources

EPhysLab team has applied the 3D Lagrangian transport model FLEXPART during several years to identify which continental regions are affected by the moisture transport from the major oceanic sources (e.g. Gimeno et al., 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). 

The original study published in Geophysical Research Letters entitled “On the origin of continental precipitation” (Gimeno et al., 2010) was highlighted as one of the most important geophysical papers published in 2010 by the AGU (3rd August EOS issue), and a feature paper of EOS was published (Gimeno et al., 2011) by invitation of the editors

The relevance of the topic has resulted in the elaboration of three other scientific publications: 

1) a chapter in the “Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology” invited by the Editor-in-Chief of Springer about "Ocean evaporation & precipitation", 

2) a review paper in the Review of Geophysics “Oceanic and Terrestrial Sources of Continental Precipitation“ (Gimeno et al., 2012).


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