8 marzo, 2019

Dr. Jorge Eiras-Barca

Departamento de Física Aplicada
Área de Física de la Tierra
Edificio Campus da Auga.
Universidade de Vigo, Campus Sur.
Rúa Canella da Costa da Vela 12
32004 Ourense, España
Laboratorio: 2.7
e-mail: jeiras@uvigo.es / jorge.eiras.b@gmail.com
Personal website: http://jorge.eiras.academic-cv.net
Teléfono: +34 618689282368781


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J. Eiras-Barca, M.N. Lorenzo, J.J. Taboada, A. Robles, G. Miguez-Macho (2018) On the Relationship Between Atmospheric Rivers, Weather Types and Floods in Galicia (NW Spain), Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, doi.org/10.5194/nhess-2017-145 (Published) [pdf]

Pérez-Muñuzuri, V., J. Eiras-Barca, and Garaboa-Paz, D. (2018) Tagging moisture sources with Lagrangian and inertial tracers: application to intense atmospheric river events, Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 785-795 [Link]

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